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Skylark takes pride in providing a range of multiple English tests, that not only help you apply in multiple institutes around the globe as well as polish your English language proficiency. Most of the tests offered by our IELTS center provide in-depth language assessments and evaluate all students on their English skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Some of the programs offered are enlisted below:


So How 

So How to do IELTS Preparation

Preparation plays a vital role and that’s what we keep in mind here at Skylark, starting from early revision sessions to answering the student’s questions to anticipate their concerns, problems, and interests.

Preparation Session

               In our exceptional preparation sessions, satisfaction is a guarantee. The provision of adequate guidance and feedback from our students is undoubtedly a positive feature of preparation classes at Skylark.

Live Classes

              Skylark creates a real-time environment for students and teachers where everyone can communicate with each other.


Helpful Resources

           Skylark provides sufficient material resources to ensure the timely progress of students and to facilitate them with the best of supporting material, guaranteeing their success.


Benefits of Sessions


Coaching Time

We offer classes starting from 10 am to 6 pm for all our language exam preparation.



Students at Skylark are provided with facilitating regular assessment sessions throughout the sessions.


Get your certifications from Skylark, from a wide range of our divergent courses of exams.

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