Overview Of PTE

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a leading English language proficiency test recognized worldwide. It is designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers, evaluating their listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities. PTE scores are widely accepted by educational institutions, professional associations, and governments around the globe, including in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Why PTE?

PTE is renowned for its fair and unbiased evaluation process. It uses advanced technology to ensure accurate and objective results. The test is known for its quick results, typically available within 48 hours, making it an ideal choice for students and professionals on tight deadlines. PTE is a critical step for those looking to study, work, or immigrate to English-speaking countries.

Types of PTE

PTE offers two main types of tests: PTE Academic and PTE General (Core). Each test serves different purposes and is tailored to meet specific needs.

PTE Academic

also same for (Academic Online, UKVI)​

PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test that evaluates your speaking, writing, reading, and listening abilities at the academic level.
You spend just two hours taking the test in a cozy, compact testing facility.
The top learning firm in the world, Pearson, is the owner of PTE Academic. Worldwide, it is recognized for immigration, education, and employment, including the Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa program in Canada. It is approved for all UK, Australian, and New Zealand visa and immigration categories and is recognized by over 3,000 institutions, colleges, and professional associations globally.
The two-hour PTE Academic exam assesses your proficiency in English speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In a compact, empty testing facility, the PTE exam is administered computer-based. You may conveniently schedule your PTE test online and there are more than 350 test centers located in 117 countries worldwide.

In the PTE scoring system, you receive an Overall Score between 10 and 90, as well as individual scores for each Communicative Skill – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The PTE score you need will depend on the country, workplace, college or university you are applying to.

PTE Academic Test Format


  • “1-Minute untimed Personal introduction”
  • Name, place/belong to, education, hobbies—try to give proper intro …as sent to universities + you settle yourself before test starts properly!)
  • There are three timed parts:
  • Total Question types….20, divided among 4 skills sections (reading, writing, speaking and listening).
  • Two methods of scoring….
  • Correct/incorrect…1 point for correct
  • Partial credit……..correct/partially correct/incorrect (numbers divided among different skills)
  • Marking criteria… content, form/word limit/full stop, pronunciation, fluency, grammar, spellings, capitalization. (different for each Q)

Part 1: Speaking & Writing


Part 1: Speaking and Writing —- 7 question/task types (54-67 minutes)


  • Read aloud 6-7
  • Repeat sentence 10-12
  • Describe image 3-4
  • Re-tell lecture 1-2
  • Answer short question 5-6
  • Summarize written text 1-2
  • Essay 1-2

 Part 2: Reading


This part will take around 30 minutes to complete Learn more about part 2


  • Fill in the blanks (Reading and Writing-drop down) 5-6
  • Multiple choice-(multiple answers) 1-2
  • Re-order paragraphs 2-3
  • Fill in the blanks (Reading-Drag n drop) 4-5
  • Multiple choice – (single answer)1-2

 Part 3: Listening


This part will take approximately 30 minutes to complete Learn more about part 3


  • Summarize spoken text 1-2
  • Multiple choice – multiple answer 1-2
  • Fill in the blanks 2-3
  • Highlight the correct summary 1-2
  • Multiple choice – single answer 1-2
  • Select missing word 1-2
  • Highlight incorrect words 2-3
  • Write from dictation 3-4

PTE Core (General)

PTE Core is a secure, computer-based test of everyday English listening, reading, speaking, and writing. This test delivers an accurate, real-life measure of test takers’ language ability to government departments and organizations requiring general English skills.

Test Format for PTE Core

The PTE Core test evaluates four key language skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. While the exact format can vary, it generally includes the following sections:

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

This part will take approximately 50 minutes to complete

Part 3: Listening

This part will take approximately 30 minutes to complete

Part 2: Reading

This part will take approximately 30 minutes to complete


Read Aloud

Repeat Sentence

Describe Image

Respond to a Situation

Answer Short Question


Summarize Written Text

Write Email


Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

Reorder Paragraph

Fill in the Blanks

Multiple Choice, Single Answer


Summarize Spoken Text

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

Fill in the Blanks

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Select Missing Word

Highlight Incorrect Words

Write from Dictation

Important Tips for test takers:

Do Don't
  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas, etc.


  • Provide a relevant answer. If the question asks you to write or speak about sport, write or speak about ‘sport’ NOT ‘science’.



  • Keep strictly within the word limit given for writing tasks.


  • Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking tasks. The microphone will.



  • Close after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording.
  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: Write entirely in capital letters. Only use capitals when needed: at the beginning of sentences, names, etc.


  • Create or memorize responses prior to test day. Responses should always be created on test day in response to the question presented.



  • Click Next (N) before you have completed a task and are ready to move on. You cannot go back to incomplete questions.

Advice for speaking:

Difference Between PTE Academic and PTE Core

  1. Purpose:
    • PTE Academic: Primarily intended for students who need to demonstrate their English language proficiency for academic purposes, such as university admissions.
    • PTE Core: Designed for broader use, including general communication, workplace language requirements, and immigration purposes.
  2. Content and Context:
    • PTE Academic: Contains content that is more academic in nature, with tasks that reflect the types of language use and comprehension required in a university setting (e.g., lectures, academic texts).
    • PTE Core: Includes more practical and everyday language use scenarios, suitable for general communication and real-life contexts.
  3. Scoring:
    • Both tests use a similar scoring system, but the score requirements might differ depending on the purpose. PTE Academic scores are typically required by educational institutions, while PTE Core scores may be used for job applications or visa requirements.
  4. Test Sections:
    • The structure of the sections may have some variations to cater to the specific needs of the test-takers. However, both tests assess Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing skills.

Related Information

  • Preparation: Both PTE Academic and PTE Core offer preparation materials, practice tests, and study guides to help candidates prepare effectively.
  • Registration and Test Centers: Candidates can register for either test online and choose from numerous test centers worldwide.
  • Results: Test results are usually available within a few days. Scores are reported on a scale of 10-90, with detailed feedback on each of the four skills.

More Information about PTE core:

PTE Core and PTE Academic serve different purposes, with PTE Academic focusing on academic readiness and PTE Core on general language proficiency for broader applications. Both tests are structured to assess the fundamental language skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing, but they tailor their content to meet the specific needs of their respective audiences.

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