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The Pearson Academic and Pearson Academic UKVI are English language exams which are required by schools and governments to demonstrate you can learn effectively in English. These tests are required by most higher education institutions (HEIs) and governments for students from non-English speaking countries seeking to study abroad in English-speaking countries like the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Why choose PTE?

Fast results

Most test takers get their results within 48 hours. Plus, you can choose from frequent test dates and book last minute.

Less stress

Choose a better test experience with our two-hour computer-based exam, friendly test environment, and straightforward booking.

Complete preparation

Build confidence for test day with our mix of preparation packages, scored practice tests, and free resources.


Duration of Course

8 weeks


12 weeks


16 weeks


Customize Duration



Benefits of Course


Coaching Time

We offer classes starting from 10 am to 6 pm for all our language exam preparation.



Students at Skylark are provided with facilitating regular assessment sessions throughout the coaching sessions.


Get your certifications from Skylark, from a wide range of our divergent courses of exams.

Success Stories

2022/2023 Results

P.T.E Distinction

Another Success story OF SKYLARK P.T.E ACADEMIC. Congratulations to Rozeena Kausar for getting 87/90 score and got 1st position in Pakistan Pearson.


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